Ultrasonic Separators

Sono-Energy Round Separators

The SWECO Sono-Energy™ System allows separations of light bulk density powders previously thought impossible. The Sono-Energy creates a secondary ultrasonic vibration that prevents blinding on fine meshes (60-635 mesh). Numerous applications exist for epoxy powder, toner powder and powder paints. Sono-Energy also works well on heavy density powdered metals, including lead, nickel and chromium, by preventing lodging on near-size particles; therefore reducing blinding, and prolonging screen life.



Sono-Wave Round Separators

The Sono-Wave fully digital ultrasonic system promotes improved screen excitation throughout the screen surface with more even energy distribution and also features adjustable amplitude and frequency sweep. Sono-Wave Ultrasonics Round Vibratory Separation Equipment The generator is available in 100w and 200w versions and can drive two screens simultaneously eliminating the need to use a second generator in two deck applications. The ultrasonic converter mounts outside of the separator. With no cable or electrical components inside the separator, the unit can be configured to meet Atex Zone 20 standards.


The Sono-Wave™ System provides another quality accessory to the SWECO ® Vibro-Energy ® Round Separator line, enabling efficient sieving of powders at small mesh sizes. Sono-Wave promotes improved exci- tation throughout the screen surface with more even energy distribution, improving sieving efficiency, separa- tion accuracy, and effectively breaks up agglomerates while increasing throughput.

The Sono-Wave features adjustable amplitude and a frequency sweep that limits the stress on the screen, allowing for longer screen life. Because all Sono-Wave electrical components are mounted outside of the separator, the inside of the separator can comply with Atex Zone 20 standards.

Even if your application calls for more than one screen, the Sono-Wave only requires one generator for multi-deck separation processes.

The SWECO Sono-Wave System ... just one more innovation available from SWECO.

Ultrasonic VibrationFor Fine Particle Separation



» Improves sieving efficiency and separation accuracy
» Improves disintegration of agglomerates
» Increases throughput
» Reduces oversize fraction
» Requires only one generator for multi-deck processes
» Provides a continuous deblinding action
» Provides efficient sieving of powders at small mesh sizes
» Eliminates electrical compontents inside separator for Atex Zone 20 compliance
» Adjustable amplitude
» Distributes energy more evenly across the screen
» Sweeps frequency to provide less stress on screen mesh, screen frame ring and welds